GYSOS Videos

This 78 minute Introductory Seminar details what the Sense of Self is, how it is formed, how it changes over time, and how you can grow it stronger using tools and understandings gained in this program. It makes the case for why we, as a society, are currently experiencing an epidemic of low sense of self and how we can heal those wounds and reclaim our birthright of esteeming and loving ourselves and others.

GYSOS Episode Videos

Episode videos, ranging from a few to ten minutes or so in duration, are either conceptual--in which ideas, stories, research, or exercises are presented to broaden the understanding of the sense of self and its dynamics--or physical skills oriented presenting detailed self-defense techniques including falling skills.  Gaining physical skills generally requires the participation of a partner and that holistic sharing and nurturing is crucial to benefiting from this program.  New episodes will be added every few days.

Physical Skills Videos


 Live Hand Escape


Universal Self-Defense Technique


Face Fall Low and Medium


Outside Wrist Lock


Low Back Fall


Same Side Wrist Attack Wrist Lock Defense


Forearm Choke from Behind Escape


Front Choke with Two Hands Escape


Universal Self-Defense Takedown


Feed the Ki Escape


Grab of Both Upper Arms, Escape and Counter


Face Fall Low and Medium Common Errors


Chest Roll Low, Medium, and High 


Defense Against a Much Larger Attacker


Front Choke, Elbow Push Escape


Universal Self-Defense From Cross Grab


Plan B Off of Universal Self-Defense


Demonstrating Spreading Impact over Space and Time


Counter Attack after Live Hand Escape


Universal Self-Defense Counter to Shirt Grab


Universal Self-Defense as a Counter Attack to Hair Pull


Outside Wrist Lock Against Clothing Grab


Collar Bone Pressure Point


Explosive Elbow Lock


Finishing Move Attacker Face Down


Joint Lock Progression


Sideways Wrist Lock


Elbow Lock to Outside Wrist Lock


Finishing move attacker on back


Public Demonstration of Self-Defense


Rub and Strike Pressure Points


Offensive Elbow Lock


Introduction to Flying - Low Catroll


Jumping Back Fall


Low Side Fall


Offensive Wrist Lock


Putting it All Together Against Front Choke


Jumping Face Fall


Jumping Side Fall


Shoulder Throw


Sideways wrist lock thru Takedown and Finishing Move


Catroll Medium


Flying - Jumping Catroll


Jumping, Flipping Spinning Side Fall


Outside Wrist Lock Against Cross Grab


Offensive Chopsticks


Hapkido Bodan Belt Test - Ho Shin Sool Techniques


Board Breaking – Hammer Strike


Escape and Takedown from Waist Grab from Behind


Inside Under Wrist and Elbow Lock


Outside Under Wrist and Elbow Lock


Putting it All Together Against Same Side Wrist Grab


Outside Wrist Lock To Takedown>


Moving the Center of Gravity Takedown; Countering an Attack from Behind


Countering a Choke Attack from Behind


Countering a Shoulder Grab with the Universal Technique


Same Side Wrist Grab Step-out and Counter


Counter to Being Choked with Head Held against Attacker’s Hip


Offensive Arm Lock to Takedown


Countering a Roundhouse Kick to the Midsection


Adrenal Stress Response


Collar Attack From Behind


Inverted Universal


Leg Sweep Takedown


Ki Magic


Countering a Bear Hug from Behind


Single Hand Choke Escape and Counter


Side Headlock Invited Release


Countering an Attempted Will Smith Face Slap


Activating a Pressure Point to Release a Locked Elbow


Defense Against a Knife Attack to the Throat