“The program opened my eyes to a lot of strength I didn’t know I had.  I also see weaknesses I didn’t know were there.  Halfway through the [5 week] program I found the strength to give up smoking, a habit I’ve had for two decades and hadn’t been able to kick as others I know have done.”


“I really enjoyed the program. It made me love and take a closer look at my sense of self and in turn it made me understand and love others better. I have always tried to enjoy the small things in life but this solidifies the whole idea of “Don’t sweat the small things”. Enjoy day by day the family and the life you have in front of you. We are not promised tomorrow. After this class, I am encouraged to help others in my family and circle of friends find their true self and love themselves and others.”


“It was fun. [My daughter] and I had a great time.”


“I attended this program and found it so valuable that I signed up for Hapkido.  It has changed my life!” 


"I loved this course. I think that it would be a valuable class for anyone to take. I think you did a marvelous job and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how much joy you experienced instructing all of us.  You are an excellent teacher and I look forward to learning more from you in the years to come."


"Initially, I did not realize there is a connection between the sense of self and learning self-defense.  Now I can see how having a strong sense of self can be enhanced by learning self-defense techniques."


"I thought the characteristics for self-assessment and the assessment of others were very enlightening."


"I really enjoyed the people stories which illustrate that a sense of self comes from within, not from money, fame, or how other people view you."


"It is very helpful to know these techniques."


"This program is very well organized and presented.  The combination of talk about the sense of self and learning self-defense are most helpful to those who have a low sense of self.  I consider myself as having a strong sense of self and I did gain a new perspective and understanding of people who may have a low sense of self through the characteristics that you talked about in class.  It is a way to evaluate and understand why someone behaves the way he/she does that I had not considered before."


"Thank you for the energy and effort you have put into this course and your genuine desire to help others be a stronger person through self-awareness and self-love.  I also greatly appreciate your openness in sharing your personal experiences.  I feel that I am stronger through the knowledge that you have shared with us."


"I wish the [8 week] class was longer."


"I have really enjoyed he class and love to continue a class like this one.  Master Frantz has opened my eyes and a little part of my heart to a lot of different things."